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Welcome to the Future Home Technologies blog. We’ll use the blog to pass along information on new technologies, offering and projects. Let’s talk today about wireless service.

Your home is a network that communicates over the Internet. All of us download more and more contact from the Internet for movies, music and information. Having a good wireless network has become critically important. No one wants a Netflix movie to buffer halfway through viewing or have a Sonos song to stop in the middle of your favorite part. Ideally, all your A/V equipment is hardwired to your computer network; but if that is not the case, a wireless network is the next best option.

We’ve found that the new Apple Extreme routers work great. They are more powerful than other routers and now support the new AC wireless standard. Most importantly, the Apple Extreme routers work seamlessly with Apple Express boosters. We’ve found that one Apple Extreme in a central area, along with 1-2 Apple Expresses around your home gives you good coverage.

If you are using Comcast or Optimum Online for your cable service, the wireless routers they give you are not very good. If you have a Verizon FIOS router, the newer routers are good, but since the Apple components work so well together, it’s better to disable the FIOS router and just use Apple Extremes and Expresses.

If you need help improving your wireless network, we can help. Our technicians can check signal strength around your home, set up a wireless network on the least crowded frequency, and install equipment around your home to give you the best coverage. More importantly, we can get all the PCs, tablets and cell phones to access this new network. We make it nice and easy.

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