New Home Set-Up


Want to be operational on Day 1 in your new home? You and your family are too busy to be without all of the conveniences that you have grown accustomed to. Why wait for your internet and TVs to be working if you don’t have to?

Let Future Home Technologies set you up and operational on your first day in your new home.


We will:

–     Set up all of your TVs, surround sound, home theater, and music;

–     Make sure that the Internet is connected and your computers are working; and

–     Wire, where necessary, so that you are operational immediately.

If your new home needs wiring or equipment upgrades, we can do that, too. Start enjoying your new home right away.

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We really appreciate the nice workers, great work, and all the advice you gave throughout our renovation. We would highly recommend you and your team to any future prospects.

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