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Want to be operational on Day 1 in your new home? You and your family are too busy to be without all of the conveniences that you have grown accustomed to. Why wait for your internet and TVs to be working if you don’t have to?

Let Future Home Technologies set you up and operational on your first day in your new home.

We will:

–     Set up all of your TVs, surround sound, home theater, and music;

–     Make sure that the Internet is connected and your computers are working; and

–     Wire, where necessary, so that you are operational immediately.

If your new home needs wiring or equipment upgrades, we can do that, too. Start enjoying your new home right away.



Let a moving company move your furniture…Let the Experts move your Electronics.

Future Home Technologies can move all your TVs and electronics to your new home. For your move, we will physically pack and transfer your home theater, home audio and all of your other electronic equipment using our own secure trucks and install it in your new home. If your new home needs wiring or equipment upgrades, we can do that.




Let Future Home Technologies eliminate one area of stress. Our prices are reasonable and we will be with you for the entire moving process. Leave the electronics to the experts.

Did You Know …

  • Your home electronics have the greatest incidence of breakage in a move.
  • Without supplemental insurance, your moving company is only legally responsible for the value of your possessions at 60 cents per pound. That means your 100 pound plasma TV has an insurance value of only sixty dollars ($60).
  • Even if you pay for supplemental insurance, the insurance company will only pay for physical damage to your electronics. They won’t pay if it just doesn’t work when delivered. If it’s not smashed, you’re out of luck.
  • The moving company will charge you to crate your HDTV.
  • Leaving a flat screen TV on a cold (or hot) truck can cause the screen to crack when you first turn it on.

Why take a chance–use our secure, expert home technology moving service.

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Thanks again for everything, the place looks great.
PaulShort Hills, NJ

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