Wireless Home Network

Looking for a home wiring or wireless networking solution in Chatham, Summit, or New Vernon New Jersey?

The Wireless Network in the home is more important than ever. With all of your devices and all of the expanded capabilities (streaming music and video from services like Pandora, Hulu, Amazon or Netflix) your wireless network needs to be highly efficient. Don’t rely on your broadband provider’s wireless equipment.

Future Home will:

  • Test the bandwidth or your incoming service
  • Ensure that your wireless equipment is on the optimal channel to eliminate any interference from your neighbors’ networks or other equipment in your home
  • Check signal strength around your home and upgrade, as needed.

Future Home will improve your wireless network by installing leading edge routers and boosters.


Wired Home Network

Your home audio and theater equipment iare part of your home network, tied into your computers and the Internet. Future Home Technologies will help you plan and build the right technical infrastructure so that you can take advantage of new capabilities.

Having Future Home Technologies install your structured home wiring and networking will keep you ahead of the technology curve.  We specialize in low-voltage wiring, so talk to us while your walls are open.  

Wired Home Solutions New Jersey


Structured Home Wiring Solutions

Structured home wiring installed by Future Home Technologies is a planned, centralized way to run cable throughout your home. It supports many home electronics, including your:

  • Phone
  • Cable or Satellite TV
  • TV and surround sound system
  • Home Audio
  • PC Networking
  • Surveillance Camera(s)
  • Home Security System

If you don’t know how much structured home wiring to do, do more. It’s relatively cheap and provides the highest speeds.

Low-voltage pre-wire for audio visual equipment, 4k TV and surround sound, Bernardsville, NJ

Home Networking for Existing Houses

For existing houses, home wiring and home networking is more complicated. You need experts like Future Home Technologies to balance the right combination of wired and wireless solutions to match your needs.

Whether it’s wiring your whole house, wiring for DirecTV or cable, or installing a computer network, call Future Home Technologies today.

Contact us for all your New Jersey Wireless or Wired Home Network solutions!

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