Future Home Technologies is uniquely qualified to work with you on not only your residential needs, but also your commercial needs. Let us bring our expertise to help you design, install, and wire your commercial space for computers, TVs and other electronics. We have experience with the following spaces: design showroom, wiring office buildings for computer networks; wiring and installing TVs and projectors in conference rooms for multi-media presentations; TVs in restaurants, bars and other retail spaces; and even TVs in gym/multi-purpose rooms for companies.


Design Showroom

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Audio/Video for Conference Rooms


Retail Spaces


TVs installed in Gym/Multi-purpose Rooms

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We have a solution for any type space. Call today for a free on-site estimate.

Why go to anyone else?


We really appreciate the nice workers, great work, and all the advice you gave throughout our renovation. We would highly recommend you and your team to any future prospects.

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