Universal Remote Control

Why not get rid of the clutter of all of the individual remotes? Future Home Technologies can help you by programming a Universal Remote Control that will easily operate your TV and all of the equipment in your A/V closet. Better still, we program in sufficient control that even if a child or the babysitter hits a wrong button, the program will fix it. Combining the remote with an RF base means your equipment can be hidden in a cabinet or closet and the remote will still work–you don’t have to point it at the TV.

We primarily support Universal Remote Control (URC) line of remotes. The remotes will control not only your family room, but also speakers running off the second zone of your receiver.

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If you have ever wanted to monitor your property and anyone that approaches it, then a Surveillance System installed by Future Home Technologies is for you. It includes:

  • Color Cameras
  • Night viewing (I/R) Motion Sensor Recording

It can be accessed from a smartphone, computer or iPad.  We install Nest cameras too.

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