Choosing between an LED and Plasma TV is really just personal preference.  Most clients have a visceral reaction to one technology or the other.  The LEDs have a very bright image and plasma TVs give a more movie theater-like experience.  Right now the LEDs are very popular because of the thin case and the screen that has almost no bezel.

What type of flat panel is best for me?

  • LED (32″–90″)  LED is actually a variation on LCD technology.  Typical LCDs use a CCFL backlighting scheme.  LEDs use RGB LEDs to backlight the image.  What this boils down to for the consumer is a much thinner display (as thin as .3 inches!).  This backlit arrangement also yields superior contrast over LCD.  LEDs are best suited for bright rooms where the aesthetic qualities of the set will be enjoyed.
  • Plasma (37″–65″)  In general, plasma TVs tend to have far better contrast ratios due to their ability to produce deeper black levels.  Blacks are represented as black–not dark grey like some of the LED panels.  Plasma also touts an extremely wide viewing angle which means the quality of the image is consistent no matter what height or angle you are viewing from.


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