We have many clients that think they’ll save a lot of money if they buy electronic equipment directly from the Internet or on sale at “Big Box Retailers.”  Although that may be true on certain items, overall the Internet can actually cost you more money.  Here are some examples:

TVs:  What are you really saving when you buy a TV off the Internet? If it doesn’t work, they don’t take it back and it has to go through the manufacturer for repair which can be a time-consuming process.  We have seen re-packaged TVs when we’ve opened them which means you have purchased a demo model being sold to you as new; but, without a warranty.  We’ve also had clients buy a cheaper TV and it doesn’t have enough inputs for the receiver, DVD player and other equipment.

A/V receivers, Sonos, speakers and other equipment:  What may surprise you is the small margin an A/V or home theater technician makes–gone are the days when there was a huge mark-up on all electronic equipment.  These items are all sold at Manufacturers Minimum Price.  You will pay the same price whether it is from the Internet or Future Home.

Our biggest advantage to you is that we deal with home technology every day.  Getting the right equipment and setting it up professionally is where we save you money on the overall cost of a project.  Besides, does Best Buy or the internet company come to your home, recommend and install the best set-up for you?

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