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As we’ve reached spring, it may be time to think about ways to utilize your back yard more this year.

Outdoor speakers for music are obvious, especially if you use them along with a Sonos music system. This way, you can sit on your deck, patio or by your pool and access all the music in the world without getting up from your chair.

Besides music, many clients are opting to get a TV outdoors or even be able to set up a big movie screen for outdoor movies. Both are really easy. For TVs, we can hook up a normal TV that you take in for the winter. With TV prices so cheap, you don’t need an expensive outdoor TV from manufacturers like Sunbrite. Just put a less expensive Samsung or LG TV out there and cover for rain. You can then watch a baseball game with a cool outdoor breeze.

If you have kids, a weekend outdoor movie may be a way to get them away from playing video games in the basement. You can get fancy or do something as simple as getting an inexpensive projector with built in speakers. Use this with a portable screen, a sheet, or even against the side of your house.

Bottom line, adding some A/V equipment may give you an excuse to spend more time outdoors.

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