3D TVs

High Definition 3D TV is available now and it is more affordable than you think. If you enjoyed watching 3D movies in the theater, than prepare yourself for the ultimate 3D experience right from your living room. No more red and blue glasses required. This new technology delivers 3D in 1080p.

The 3D TV operates just like a regular TV until you choose to switch it over to 3D. Some manufacturers have designed their TVs to take a two dimensional image and convert it to 3D. This adds a backdrop to the picture as opposed to the pop-out progressive image that is only available with channels designated to display 3D material. 3D TVs do display regular two dimensional pictures.

3D TV Glasses

In order to watch 3D TV you will need active shutter glasses. You will also need additional glasses for family or friends who are viewing as well. Glasses may or may not be included in the purchase of a 3D TV, and they will only work with the associated manufacturer of the 3D TV.

3D Blu-Ray DVD players

In order to watch Blu-Ray movies in 3D, you will need to purchase a 3D Blu-Ray DVD player.

3D on Cable/Satellite

While 3D content is limited as of now, there are plans for a number of cable/satellite channels that will be dedicated to broadcasting 3D material. For example, ESPN has a dedicated 3D channel with DirecTV that intends to broadcast a minimum of 85 events in 3D within the first year.

We carry and install all major brands of 3D TVs including Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp. If the big retailers have it, we have it also.

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